Getting Slightly Stoopid with Pepper, 311 and Sublime on the Coast


After 2 days of unrelenting rain, grey skies and forceful winds, it’s about damn time. Laying on the beach at 10:00am, feels like my own private paradise. Listening to Sublime, 311, Pepper, Bob Marley, Slightly Stoopid and The Expenendables – this is perfection. Too early for the pool bar to start serving piña coladas and coronas but there’s a whole day of fun waiting for me to find it.

Living in the city is great when speaking of convenience, however unless you truly enjoy living like a dirty sardine, it’s not heaven. The tall buildings, negative attitudes, unnecessary rushing and pollution leave me missing nothing about the city except my closet and friends… They can easily come down here too, so really there’s nothing more to be desired.

With sun in the forecast for the next few days I will return to the concrete jungle a bronzed goddess. Just in time for Halloween (my Christmas).


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