Bikram 101 – Read this Before Your First Bikram Yoga class

Bikram Yoga is the original hot yoga with unbelievable healing abilities and health benefits. 

What it is: 90 minutes of 26 yoga postures and breathing exercises in a heated and humidified room allowing muscles to loosen and stretch with ease.  The heat allows access to deep muscles groups that typically are not worked – every class follows the same 26 asanas which target every muscle and joint group  while relieving stress to your inner organs by a sequence of constriction poses.



Benefits: Stress relief, detoxifying, increasing flexibility, healing injuries and illness, injury prevention, weight loss and increased circulation.  It is 90 minutes of self focus and reflection, free of competition and surrounded by support. Ideal for someone looking to challenge themselves and reclaim their inner peace and balance.

Remember: It is HOT in this room, you will be sweating a lot.  Listen to your body, don’t try and keep up/compete with any other yogi in the class. Tell your instructor if it is your first time or if you haven’t practiced in a while.  If you feel lightheaded or woozy take slow small sips of water and find your way to child’s pose or savasana until you can continue.  Do your best to remain in the room because the drastic temperature change from inside to outside the room may put more stress on your body.

After class: Shower ASAP, you’ll be very sweaty.  Clean your mat and towel. Drink plenty of water the rest of the day and stick to a clean diet low in meat!

Try one of our favorite local NYC Bikram Studios

Bikram Yoga NYC –  several locations & offer occasional $8 classes



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